No I’m not dead!

Yes really, this blog had not been updated for a while, because I moved and didn’t had a lot of time to work on my projects.

Anyway, the Bandai chip analysis is still under the way, and there is more to come on the WonderSwan itself!

One word about the Wonder Project, I’ll will give you here the code name of each project:

  • Wonder Project is the name of all the project around the WonderSwan
  • Project Madeleine is the project around the MBC chip. I think I will keep the name of “Madeleine” for the finished chip.
  • The Flash cart still have no code name, I may refer it as SD2Swan, but it is ugly and won’t keep this on the long term.

But now, you may ask why Madeleine?

You may know about the French writter Marcel Proust? One of his book is named Du coté de chez Swann known as Swann’s way for English people. You may start to see the link (WonderSwan -> Swan -> Swann). But you may still wonder why Madeleine? That’s simple. There is well known scene in this book that speak about the Madeleine biscuit

Some seducing Madeleines…

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