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Hello! I am Godzil (or Gozilu) also known as Manoel. I'm the main (and currently only) member of 986-Studio, which allow me to put all of my serious projects (ok some are less serious) and to speak about electronic and computer things. I'm one of the few people that still works on the WonderSwan to document and make it working in modern environment, I make (useless) electronics devices, have a lots of project for the Oric computers, and tons of project to work on in general. My main work is software developer in the embedded market, I really enjoy working on the verge between hardware and software, and most of my knowledge on the hardware side was self thought (I still have a background in electronic from my diplomas) I'm also occasionally a game developer. I hope you will enjoy my blog, Cheers!

Long time no update

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted something interesting here!

I’m sorry about that, this blog is not dead at all, as for me and my projects! In fact during that long period of silence a few thing happened!

I’ve been a lot busy by life and other things and didn’t had proper time to work on my project here.

As I said a lot had happen in the mean while, but as this is just a short message to make you know I’m still alive, I will keep it short, and try to do most post starting from now and will explain what had been new in the last 2 years (seriously, how can I’ve left here empty for nearly 2 years… Sorry about that)

Forum Change

I think this time it will be good.

I’ve installed discourse as a forum for this website, and it should also be used for comments in the blog posts.

The installation is still in testing phase, I will open the account creation shortly, but will keep the fact that account creation need to be validated, at least for now, there are too many bots around, and too many forums has been defaced, so I will try to play safely here.

Please also report any problems you see (other than down time) 🙂


986-Studio have moved! (again)

Yeah finally I’ve finally moved and got all of my stuff back, I should be able shortly to resume working on 986-Studio’s project, including the Madeleine and all of my pending Oric projects!


986-Studio tidy
986-Studio tidy


986-Studio mess!
986-Studio mess!

Yes it’s a complete mess! It will take time to tidy all of that alone 😀

I will try to resume posting here on a more regular basis.

And many thanks for those who subscribed to my Patreon page! And it you are still not one of my patron, it’s never too late to become one!

Cardbox, pinball and DIY

That’s not something I usually do, advertising for other project is not really my goal, but I really like this one, find it really interesting, I’ve got a good contact with the creators, and I really want to see it to be successful.

So this is a project about pinball, card box and do it yourself.

Two strange guys, Pr Pete and Pr Ben from what they call the Cardboard Teck Instantute have made a nice and working blank tabletop pinball table made only of card box, rubber band and rivets, no glue or any complex tools needed: The PinkBox 3000 !


During the Kickstarter they also sell some ready to build pre-made tables:

(gamechangers are pre made tables, image from the KS campaign)

And here is a gif of the blank table and some table made by them or other people:

(Image from the KS campaign)
(Image from the KS campaign)


And to be clear, I’m not paid to do this (even if it would be nice for working on my projects :-P) on the contrary, I backed that project and I would really want to see it completed!

So please if you find that project interesting, please help them by backing it 🙂


The link to that project:

Patreon: 986-Studio need your help

I hate to ask for such a thing, but unfortunately, working on electronic project, especially the one like the Madeleine Project, or my projects around the Oric cost some me money, and money doesn’t grow on tree. I’m currently in a situation where I’m stuck and can’t work on project because of money.

That’s why, I’ve started a Patreon page to allow people who want to support me on theses projects. I can’t offert a lots of rewards for the moment as it’s a bit early, but I will make the reward evolve with time. Currently you can have one of the current beta Madeleine board if you pledge enough, quantity are limited so you should hurry! 😉

You are not obliged to help me through Patreon, it will not change my project and how this blog is working, unless mentioned in a reward/goal, it will just allow me to work quicker and in better conditions on my projects. All pledge amount are welcomed, and if you want to help me, even $1 is a good gesture from you, so don”t be ashamed if you can’t, or only a for small amount.

Don’t forget to put a maximum on your pledge per month as I setup my account on pledge per update and not per month, as I don’t know the frequency of update I will do, I plan for approx 1 per month, but I may sometime update more than once, and you may not want to put more this month.

So, if you want to help me and my project, you are welcome to go to

and become my patron.

Thank you to everyone who read this blog and to those who would want to help me,

Oric Cumulus Revision 2 & other projects

Hi everyone,

I didn’t updated here really often during the last month because I was quite busy and didn’t had a lot of time to works on my projects. I have more time now, and wow, I’ve made a lot of things recently!

As I previously posted, the Oric Mouse project is underway, I’ve discovered a few stupid mistakes and I was too confident when I made the PCB, I’ve overlooked something on the voltage that the 6502 and 6522 will accept as logic high, and of course both of them doesn’t like the 3.3V that I send them as a logic high… The result will be that I need to do some changes on the schematics for that project, but no worries, I will still be able to use the prototype I’ve made, but it’s just slowing down the project a bit, but it will be back on track quickly.

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