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Forum Change

I think this time it will be good.

I’ve installed discourse as a forum for this website, and it should also be used for comments in the blog posts.

The installation is still in testing phase, I will open the account creation shortly, but will keep the fact that account creation need to be validated, at least for now, there are too many bots around, and too many forums has been defaced, so I will try to play safely here.

Please also report any problems you see (other than down time) 🙂


Small Update

WordPress have been updated and a new theme “Twenty Forteen” emerged with it, seems a bit better than the “Twenty Eleven” I used earlier (and it is at least smartphone aware which is nice) I only dislike this white background, I may put it to a more light gray shortly. If you see any strange behaviour, don’t hesitate to tell me!

I will try to keep this blog more updated, as I work on my projects, so expect more to come in a near future 🙂