Follow up on my AY-3-8910 project

I’ve recently found that video by Jez Harrison who is using my project to play some AY/YM music:

I’m really amazed to see that this project I’ve done one day out of the blue because I was bored and wanted to play with my Arduino and a YM2149/AY-3-8910 I had in hand seeing if I can make it to play a couple of notes.

I ended with the first blog entry about it Playing with Arduino and YM2149 and then published the schematic and the player code in Another AY entry 🙂

Since I published that blog entry, for some unknown reason to me, it became really popular, lots of search request bring people to my blog, I don’t know why, but appreciate it. I’ve seen also lots of videos on youtube that seems to use my project even if not credited. I don’t mind, but it is always nice to be credited! After all that was a quick project done on the corner of a table (literally)

The story didn’t ended there, some time after that release, I started to work on an extension of my project that led to that mysterious entry I made: (Gaugie-Gauges)

I was going to make an autonomous YM player using the James Bowman Gameduino 2 for the interface, and I was playing there with it to see what type or interface we could make.

Unfortunately an accident happened on that same day, where my laptop met some nice and lovely coffee, and postponed a lot of different things, including that project, which has been on hold since.

If there is demand, I would be happy to resume working on that project and why not making a proper shield to house one or two AY/YM chip with extending headers to plug another board like the Gameduino 2 or 3 on top and make a fully autonomous YM player from all of that! Please add a comment or go to the (new) forum to say if you would like such a project 🙂



And for posterity here are more videos that are explicitly using my code, or I do highly suspect they are using it:


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