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986-Studio have moved! (again)

Yeah finally I’ve finally moved and got all of my stuff back, I should be able shortly to resume working on 986-Studio’s project, including the Madeleine and all of my pending Oric projects!


986-Studio tidy
986-Studio tidy


986-Studio mess!
986-Studio mess!

Yes it’s a complete mess! It will take time to tidy all of that alone 😀

I will try to resume posting here on a more regular basis.

And many thanks for those who subscribed to my Patreon page! And it you are still not one of my patron, it’s never too late to become one!

Presentation of the Project Madeleine

Hi everyone,

I’ve promised that a long time ago now and completely forgot to add the presentation here.

So, during the RGC2015, I made a presentation of the Project Madeleine, my primary project for the WonderSwan, which include the flash cart I’m working on.

The PDF of the presentation can be found here: Projet Madeleine Presentation