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Hello! I am Godzil (or Gozilu) also known as Manoel. I'm the main (and currently only) member of 986-Studio, which allow me to put all of my serious projects (ok some are less serious) and to speak about electronic and computer things. I'm one of the few people that still works on the WonderSwan to document and make it working in modern environment, I make (useless) electronics devices, have a lots of project for the Oric computers, and tons of project to work on in general. My main work is software developer in the embedded market, I really enjoy working on the verge between hardware and software, and most of my knowledge on the hardware side was self thought (I still have a background in electronic from my diplomas) I'm also occasionally a game developer. I hope you will enjoy my blog, Cheers!

Presentation of the Project Madeleine

Hi everyone,

I’ve promised that a long time ago now and completely forgot to add the presentation here.

So, during the RGC2015, I made a presentation of the Project Madeleine, my primary project for the WonderSwan, which include the flash cart I’m working on.

The PDF of the presentation can be found here: Projet Madeleine Presentation

A new generation of Framebuffer library!

Yep you read the title correctly!

Long time ago, I was eager against the linux Frame buffer and the fact that it’s always complex to do some quick test on a framebuffer, especially on Embedded Devices (EDs), where you generally don’t have a compiler on it, and testing need a Big Fat PC (BFP) on the left (or right) side of your embedded device (Ok I know some people may want to put the BFP in front or behind the ED, but that’s basically a really wrong thing to do, and you The Gods will kill dozen of kitten, puppies, spiders and bunnies if you do that!!!!!!! You can’t says I haven’t warned you!) and testing the Framebuffer is really really borring if you have to do it this way.

Or maybe it's the reverse?
A BFP on the right side and a normal guy on the left side

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