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Hello! I am Godzil (or Gozilu) also known as Manoel. I'm the main (and currently only) member of 986-Studio, which allow me to put all of my serious projects (ok some are less serious) and to speak about electronic and computer things. I'm one of the few people that still works on the WonderSwan to document and make it working in modern environment, I make (useless) electronics devices, have a lots of project for the Oric computers, and tons of project to work on in general. My main work is software developer in the embedded market, I really enjoy working on the verge between hardware and software, and most of my knowledge on the hardware side was self thought (I still have a background in electronic from my diplomas) I'm also occasionally a game developer. I hope you will enjoy my blog, Cheers!

OricMouse Project

Hi Everyone!

Here it’s time for a new project! (Why do I hear someone telling me that I already have too many project?)

So I’m prout to present you the OricMouse, a new opensource project for the Oric line of product that will add a Mouse input to the Oric!

The origin of this project come from Chema’s OASIS Project that you will find on the Defence-Force forum. OASIS is a game engine largely inspired by SCUMMVM and reading the topic I was thinking “this project need a mouse to be much more fun!
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Apple IIgs composite output video mode

I am the proud owner of an Apple IIgs, that was gifted, for a few years now and played a lot with it. But as I don’t currently have a RGB monitor for it, I always used the composite output to get the video display, and I always complained about the fact that this fancy stuff only want to display in monochrome, or maybe in NTSC. I’ve searched for information about that for some times now and never found anything intereseting, and lots of people (including apple?) says that the composite output is monochrome, at least in PAL regions.

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New Forum

Hi everyone,

I’ve just embedded a forum engine to allow discussions about my projects or whatever that are not directly related to the blog entry I made.

You should be able to log in the forum by using the same account you may have created on my blog.

If you have any problem with it, please tell me on this blog entry, or in the forum if you can log on it 🙂

Ho and you can use the link in the menu bar to get to the forum 😉

Soon I will try to integrate the blog comment with the forum so that both will work together. I’m still trying to understand how it work and if it really work, as my last test wasn’t really convincing.