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OricMouse Project

Hi Everyone!

Here it’s time for a new project! (Why do I hear someone telling me that I already have too many project?)

So I’m prout to present you the OricMouse, a new opensource project for the Oric line of product that will add a Mouse input to the Oric!

The origin of this project come from Chema’s OASIS Project that you will find on the Defence-Force forum. OASIS is a game engine largely inspired by SCUMMVM and reading the topic I was thinking “this project need a mouse to be much more fun!
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Make a Wish…

… and do everything to make it happen!

I may have already presented you SeeedStudio they are a chinese webstore, selling a lot of stuff made by electronic homebrewer for electronic homebrewer. You will find there a lot of prebuild card with microcontroller, components, kits, … and they have too some services like Fusion that allow you to make batch of PCB at the chinese cost (i.e. low), but with as much quality as possible for such a service!

So, why I made this post? Not to make free ad to SeeedStudio (even if I like them) but because they have another service: Wish that like the name seems to be, it’s here to make wish, and try to make them happen. I recently made a wish, one that could help me, but I think other people too, about some custom connector that a lot of people use(d) everyday, the one that was made by Game Console maker like Nintendo or Sony. Apart for the NES, there is currently no 3rd party sourceable connector for SNES, PS1/PS2  gamepads. (and lot of other one) The only current way is to take them from broken (or even working game console) or if you are lucky find an extension cord and cut it to get the femmal connector.

So if like me you need a reliable source of such component, please vote for my wish and spread the word around you!