A new generation of Framebuffer library!

Yep you read the title correctly!

Long time ago, I was eager against the linux Frame buffer and the fact that it’s always complex to do some quick test on a framebuffer, especially on Embedded Devices (EDs), where you generally don’t have a compiler on it, and testing need a Big Fat PC (BFP) on the left (or right) side of your embedded device (Ok I know some people may want to put the BFP in front or behind the ED, but that’s basically a really wrong thing to do, and you The Gods will kill dozen of kitten, puppies, spiders and bunnies if you do that!!!!!!! You can’t says I haven’t warned you!) and testing the Framebuffer is really really borring if you have to do it this way.

Or maybe it's the reverse?
A BFP on the right side and a normal guy on the left side

And there is where my latest release project is here to help! Help you to play with the Framebuffer without the need of a BFP (BFP is not necessarily bound to Windows PC, it also work for Macintoshes, even 68K one, Atari STe, Amiga of all types, Acorn computer and EVEN another ED whatever OS each of them may run!) you will just need a command line, a command line text editor, and that’s all!

When you do something wrong, gods kills a lots of fluffy things!
When you do something wrong, gods kills a lots of fluffy things!

So I’m here to present an utterly silly and unuseful Bash library for FB Graphics: bashfblib!

It’s 100% written in Bash, running at incredible speed, have only a dependency on the “printf” and “dd” tools (for now) can drive all existing FrameBuffer, does not need any recompilation, it’s just PERFECT!



(Yes I was pretty bored with I made that library)

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