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Oric Cumulus Revision 2 & other projects

Hi everyone,

I didn’t updated here really often during the last month because I was quite busy and didn’t had a lot of time to works on my projects. I have more time now, and wow, I’ve made a lot of things recently!

As I previously posted, the Oric Mouse project is underway, I’ve discovered a few stupid mistakes and I was too confident when I made the PCB, I’ve overlooked something on the voltage that the 6502 and 6522 will accept as logic high, and of course both of them doesn’t like the 3.3V that I send them as a logic high… The result will be that I need to do some changes on the schematics for that project, but no worries, I will still be able to use the prototype I’ve made, but it’s just slowing down the project a bit, but it will be back on track quickly.

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Another Gamy-game :)

Few month ago, I’ve discovered the marvelous world of MOOC and was looking for a fun course to take. Finally I found one on EdX: UT.6.01x Embedded Systems – Shape the World brought to us by the professor Jonathan Valvano and professor Ramesh Yerraballi.

Not that I really need to take such a course on embedded system as it is both my hobby and my job, but I always like to learn new things, and this could be fun. And it was 🙂

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