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Cardbox, pinball and DIY

That’s not something I usually do, advertising for other project is not really my goal, but I really like this one, find it really interesting, I’ve got a good contact with the creators, and I really want to see it to be successful.

So this is a project about pinball, card box and do it yourself.

Two strange guys, Pr Pete and Pr Ben from what they call the Cardboard Teck Instantute have made a nice and working blank tabletop pinball table made only of card box, rubber band and rivets, no glue or any complex tools needed: The PinkBox 3000 !


During the Kickstarter they also sell some ready to build pre-made tables:

(gamechangers are pre made tables, image from the KS campaign)

And here is a gif of the blank table and some table made by them or other people:

(Image from the KS campaign)
(Image from the KS campaign)


And to be clear, I’m not paid to do this (even if it would be nice for working on my projects :-P) on the contrary, I backed that project and I would really want to see it completed!

So please if you find that project interesting, please help them by backing it 🙂


The link to that project:

A new toy

I should got it 6 month ago, but my friend forgot to take it, but now I got a new gadget!

It seems pretty rare, the only other know as shown on ebay, sold by a Dutch guy see here

This is basically a true Famiclone (not a NES-on-Chip)  with a PC card that convert composite to VGA. I haven’t tested it yet as I don’t have a ISA PC right now, but as it does not use the PC at all, I would just need a +5V and -12V :-/ to powerup the ISA board that power up the Famiclone.

More to come later 🙂

Fantasy Life: The latest Level5/Nintendo big joke

The title of this post may seems a bit overwhelm, as I will not directly speak about the game, but about something this game is currently hiding.

For those who aren’t aware, Fantasy Life is the latest RPG from Level 5 release to the Western World. Level 5 are known for their work on their work on the Dragon Quest games, the Professor Layton games and a lot of other games on Nintendo systems.

But like I said, the problem is not the game itself or its gameplay, not who made it, but a deep problem about how the Nintendo 3DS is working, and Fantasy Life is maybe not the first game to do this (but I suspect this is fairly new), but will, I’m sure will not be the last.
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Server upgrade….

I need to update the server, so please forgive any possible error that may come during the migration.

The old server will shutdown on 01/11/2013, and I already switch this blog on the new one, but problem may still exist.

Please don’t hesitate to tell of you found something weird!

More wishes!

More Seeedstudio Wish! Seeedstudio had changed it’s web
front page, so it’s type to add a new fishio and spread an older one
😉 If you like the idea of thoses two wish, please, follow it,
spread it and vote for it!

The first one had been
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