Searching for a generous donator :D

As it is really needed for my project, I’m searching for a Korg Triton Extreme (a 61 key is a really nice one) if anyone have one to donate, it will be really appreciated 😉

No joking, I’m still searching for Swan part ! Don’t hesitate to donate! See my Swan-a-ton article. (But a Korg Triton Extreme would still be nice anyway !)

Also, I’m not Dave Jones of eevblog, but I also like electronic stuff, if you have anything unwanted you can  send it to me, just ask for my postal address ^^

One thought on “Searching for a generous donator :D”

  1. Hey man,

    Really appreciate your work so far! (You posting the wonderswan cartridge pinout’s really gonna help me do my own frontlight mods). I know you specified dead but I have a working wonderswan color that I never use and I want it to go to a good cause! Let me know what you think.

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