A New WonderSwan accessory is comming: the WonderLyzer

Hi Everyone,

As I am working on my big WonderSwan project, I will quite soon make a PCB run for making analysing stuff more easy and clean, that why I will introduce a new accessory: the WonderLyzer.

This is a simple PCB that will allow you to access the whole cartridge bus without the need of soldering anything. And if you have a swan cartridge socket there will be a footprint on the PCB to solder one.

This will be a small batch of PCB and I will probably only make just one run, so the count is quite limited. I have the option to make 5 or 10 PCB, making 10 will halve the price of the PCB.

So depending on people asking, I will enough PCB for everyone and can also for those who want provide and solder the header and ribbon cable.

I will not provide a cart socket if you want to add one, you will need to find and solder it yourself.

For the price, it won’t be “cheap” as there is really low quantity, but it won’t be that expensive, don’t worry 😉

For a 5 PCB run, each PCB will be around 6-7€
For a 10 PCB run, each one will be arount 3-4€

The two 15cm ribbon are about 4€ each.
The two headers are about 3€ each.

I will ask for 1€ for the solder option (it wont even cover the time of soldering and the solder I will use.)

All theses prices are without shipping cost

Apart the soldering option, I will sell without making margin, that not my goal, the prices are high only because this is a low volume run.

2 PCB are already taken, leaving 3 or 8 depending on the demand, and I’m surely wouldn’t make a second run.

So please if you want this board, please tell me quickly that you are interested, as I will send the purchase order as soon as the PCB routing is finished and tested.

If you miss the deadline, don’t worry, I will release the schematics and gerber file so that everyone would be able to make it himself.

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