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New Forum

Hi everyone,

I’ve just embedded a forum engine to allow discussions about my projects or whatever that are not directly related to the blog entry I made.

You should be able to log in the forum by using the same account you may have created on my blog.

If you have any problem with it, please tell me on this blog entry, or in the forum if you can log on it 🙂

Ho and you can use the link in the menu bar to get to the forum 😉

Soon I will try to integrate the blog comment with the forum so that both will work together. I’m still trying to understand how it work and if it really work, as my last test wasn’t really convincing.

Server issues

Hello everyone,

Apache have some issue on my server and tend to crash easily, I’m working on it, but it may get down sometime without me noticing it, I’m sorry about this and I’m trying to get this fixed asap.

Edit 25/03/2015: The issue should be now fixed.
A big thanks to mod_python..


Ten years ago, two student from the Cornell University (North Australia) released the first public homebrew cart and software for the WonderSwan that does not use the WonderWitch. See here.

Their project was a major breakthrough as they where the first to document the WonderSwan hardware, and they are the original authors of the well known wstech document.

And after they made their release… nothing more. There were no concrete or public hardware development for the WonderSwan that went to a releasable product.

Until today!

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986 Studio Store first entries

With the opening of the 986-Studio Store on Tindie, you can now order for a few stuffs that I sell:

The WonderLyzer is available, in small quantity:

You can also buy the spare SD2SNES Rev E2 PCB I have: