Some WonderSwan Pr0n…

A friend of mine asked me for internal shot of the WonderWitch, so I do it even better, I take all the games I have with me, open them, then make some pron WonderSwan cardridge photos 😉

Here is a view of all the cartridge:

You can see that here the WonderGate is bit shy, he didn’t want to be nude on these photos 😉

We can see that I have no games with EEPROM, only one with a RTC, all of them, expect one, have SRAM.

Look at the gallery bellow, I took too each game more closeup, but it seems that generally, WonderSwan Color games use a Bandai2003, but that not necessarily true, the WonderWitch which was not a color game at first use a Bandai 2003, and I can’t show it on this picture, but some games, like Final Fantasy II, exist, at least, on two different PCB, one with Bandai2003, one with Bandai2001.

We can see too that some PCB are in fact slight revision of the other to supporte the 2001 for one, and the 2003 for the other. (look at PCB PTS-0037 vs PTS-108 vs PTS-105)

As I am curious, I will made a database of WonderSwan Game vs theire PCB, and I will need your help for this. I’ll keep you informed when it will be ready!

And now, the big, real thing that was the real goal of this post…. A WonderWitch Naked!!!(and she is not shy!)

(see the FRB100 on the Flash Chip, that mean that it is loaded with FreyaBIOS 1.0.0 ^^) Does someone with a WonderWitch have another version of the FreyaBIOS?

And now for you, and only you, she show even her back 😉

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