Oric Schematic – Issue 6.1

After looking on my project roadmap, I’ve discovered that I’ve never released the Replic’Oric schematics!

But first, please be warned, this revision is not the final one for the Replic’Oric project as the hardware VSYNC part is currently broken and shouldn’t be implemented the way it is now on this schematic.

A newer version of the Oric Schematic has been release, please use this version for reference instead of the one in this post.

The routing of the PCB is still underway, and with the latest changes from Kicad (the new Shove & push router) it will really helps as shoving and pushing net was something really hard before. (And really useful when routing a bus, and there are a lot of bus on the Oric :))

I still plan on releasing both final schematics and PCB layout before the end of this year.

Anyway, even if the Hardware VSYNC is not finished, this schematic is clearly more readable than the original one.

Also, I’ve not stated on the release license of this file, so for now pleaes concidere is like a  Creative Commons Licence

I know this one is currently restrictive, but unless I fully stated on the status of the original schematics, I prefere to let this version be shared among peoples, but not beeing modified unless things clarified, also same problem with potential commercial use. The “no derivative” is currently just to prevent multiple sources and fork of the current “broken” schematics, if you see something to change/update/upgrade please tell me, I will happily correct or implement your idea if it is possible. Also, the “No commercial” does not mean that you can’t use this schematics for non profit clones!

Click here to download the PDF file: OricSchematics (602KB)
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

If you want to share this schematic with your friends, you are welcome, but please provide a link to this blog entry instead of the PDF file as file may be deleted or moved without a warning, thanks 🙂

7 thoughts on “Oric Schematic – Issue 6.1”

  1. I have a query on the schematic for the tape in circuit. Should resistor R8 be changed to 10K ohms (reference CEO Mag Special “Jonathan (Bristow)”, October 2013, page 94.

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