Welcome to “Trou Paumé”

Today it’s the start of the RGC’s AC2013 a French convention of retro computing.

This year will be a great convention as there is a lot of new release and desmonstration, like SCPCD’s JagCF, the release of the Jaguar version if Orion_’s Elansar, etc..

Like each year there is a Speed Coding Compo, in which I participate, and I’m anger too see what the other team will be able to so this year with the imposed theme.

I will made my game on the Bandai’s WonderSwan using the WonderWitch cardridge. I hope to work with my own DevCart next time.

In exclusivity, for you the readers of my blog, I’ll give you he name of my project: こびつざに – Kobit Zany (name subject to change. Or maybe not :D)

I really hope that there will not be any Harlem Shake or other meme like this this year 😉

See you soon !

PS: As I am on my phone, it is difficult to add links to other pages, and there could be some writing errors. I will update and correct this post later, please forgive me about this.

* “Trou Paumé” is a french expression that can be literally translated to something like “Lost Hole” and is really meaning “Middle of Nowhere”

Make a Wish…

… and do everything to make it happen!

I may have already presented you SeeedStudio they are a chinese webstore, selling a lot of stuff made by electronic homebrewer for electronic homebrewer. You will find there a lot of prebuild card with microcontroller, components, kits, … and they have too some services like Fusion that allow you to make batch of PCB at the chinese cost (i.e. low), but with as much quality as possible for such a service!

So, why I made this post? Not to make free ad to SeeedStudio (even if I like them) but because they have another service: Wish that like the name seems to be, it’s here to make wish, and try to make them happen. I recently made a wish, one that could help me, but I think other people too, about some custom connector that a lot of people use(d) everyday, the one that was made by Game Console maker like Nintendo or Sony. Apart for the NES, there is currently no 3rd party sourceable connector for SNES, PS1/PS2  gamepads. (and lot of other one) The only current way is to take them from broken (or even working game console) or if you are lucky find an extension cord and cut it to get the femmal connector.

So if like me you need a reliable source of such component, please vote for my wish and spread the word around you!

Some WonderSwan Pr0n…

A friend of mine asked me for internal shot of the WonderWitch, so I do it even better, I take all the games I have with me, open them, then make some pron WonderSwan cardridge photos 😉

Here is a view of all the cartridge:

You can see that here the WonderGate is bit shy, he didn’t want to be nude on these photos 😉

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